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31-Aug-2017 17:45

In fact, Hannity attended three colleges — Adelphi, New York University and UC-Santa Barbara — but never graduated. They won’t let you say it’s a gay disease.” More listeners called to complain about Hannity than about all of KCSB’s other shows combined, according to former managers. “I feel sorry for your child.” Later in the hour, Hannity added that “anyone listening to this show that believes homosexuality is just a normal lifestyle has been brainwashed. “In retrospect, the higher thing was the First Amendment, but at the time, what he was saying was just abhorrent.” The station’s student manager told Hannity he was being taken off the air. “He was extremely upset,” recalled the manager, who declined to have his name published.

In his first months on the air, Hannity developed themes that would sustain him for decades — blasting the news media, lending credence to fringy theories, speaking up for the little guys who felt overrun by the elites. That April, Hannity shared his theories about AIDS, as a tape of the show reveals: “What is the coverup all about that the media is hiding from the general public? But the calls really spiked after Hannity’s show about AIDS. “I thought he was going to hit me.” Even though some of its leaders found Hannity’s message reprehensible, the ACLU took his case and informed the university it would sue, alleging discrimination against Hannity’s conservative views.

Hannity, a still-rambunctious 55, insists he’s not; he’s pushed back against the president on tax reform and health care, for example.

But the president instinctively understands that his people are Hannity’s people and vice versa. And he’s a great guy and an honest guy.” When the president was still opening casinos in Atlantic City, Hannity was systematically building a following, identifying the issues that could stir up listeners (homosexuality, he declared in his first radio gig, is “disgusting”) and portraying himself as a brash truth-teller whose plain talk was too blunt for the entrenched and the powerful.

Fox News host Sean Hannity has cultivated a strong conservative following from his early days in talk radio, building an image of a blue-collar, working class guy.

He told people that he was “a serious intellectual” who was studying political science. “For me, the goal was ‘Get this guy off the air, he’s fomenting hatred,’ ” she said.

“It’s my hope to make radio a career at some point,” Hannity wrote in his application for a no-pay position at KCSB in 1989.

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